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Let's talk about pain, Baby!

Updated: Sep 24, 2019

If you read that again in an, Austin Powers voice you may catch yourself smiling as big as I am right now. In March 2017 I took an advanced therapy class for Neurokinetic Therapy. The class blew my mind with it's theory and introduction to muscle testing.

The class was located in Boulder Colorado we found a lodging that had a creek trickling through the front yard of the property. Not far from the property was a walking trail that meandered along the trail. A hike was the first thing on the agenda. The sites, the sounds, the smell of the river kept me going wanting to indulge in activity and the surroundings. The experience came to an end after five gorgeous miles.

The only thing that was not pretty was my hip pain. At this point in my life I was a weekly regular at my chiropractors office, working out 3 times a week for an hour at a time. I also experienced joint pain on a regular basis, which spark an additional journey into changing up my nutrition regimen to help with joint pain. 28 years of belonging to the T1D dead pancreas society, car wrecks, being kicked in the chest by a horse when i was a toddler, a fall on my tailbone while I was 7 months pregnant with our second child (oh that one was bad), and a traumatic dog attack when I was 7 years old had honestly made my body was a hot mess! I just had no idea what would lie ahead and how my body would change as I began to unravel it's story.

The first day in class I was a poster child for poor hip flexion. My leg was trembling from the start. The instructor gave a resistance pressure with only two fingers and upon testing my leg had nothing, it fell to the table. He went straight for a spot on my calf and landed upon an incredibly sensitive spot that nearly made me jump off the table. I had no clue that spot even existed or that relieving it's anger was something that could help me sleep at night and free me from my hip pain, but it did! I was hooked, a plan was set into action to learn as much as I could and learn more about how the brain governs our movement patterns.

Since that first class in Boulder, I have traveled to Canada, San Francisco and Arizona to take classes. I have spent numerous hours studying, researching, and gathering information to help my client's. To offer them a therapy that is truly an outside of the box mind blowing brilliant therapy that utilizes muscle testing to find and resolve muscle compensations that our brain organizes in an effort to keep our structure safe.

Remember how I told you about some of my injuries. Each class took me deeper down a rabbit hole of understanding my body and how my story of pain has been created. These classes have given me hope that my body can learn to meet the demands that I place upon it. That I can push myself forward into new physical adventures, and when I run into a road block there is a therapy that can help me achieve my goals. Learning NKT has taught me how to love movement again even more then I did in high school.

There have been significant changes made in my movement and stability. My need for regular chiropractic adjustments have drastically changed as well as my spinal alignment. Recent x-rays have been proof of alignment changes. Once upon a time one legged squats were not on my fitness routine menu. They are now and thankfully they no longer invite lumbar nerve pain. Planks are one of my favorite gains, I love the fact that my abs engage well. This spring running will return to my fitness routine working toward gains in endurance and mileage.

Since this is my first blog post I want to keep it very basic. But as time goes by expect more technical posts about kinetic chains. What they are and why they are important to you and your movement. Maybe you will see a blog about running in the future.

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