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My Journey began.....

"to help a loved one improve their movement and quality of life.  I think about why a person is experiencing pain.  What is the brain  trying to communicate, what is it trying protect, how is it adapting movement patterns in order to preserve the human? "

The Start of my business...

It all started in 2013, shortly after my husband was diagnosed with early onset Parkinson's.  The focus has always been about quality of life and providing all of my clients with the best most diverse and advanced  result driven techniques I could learn. 

In 2016 after completing my Orthopedic massage certification I started learning Neurokinetic Therapy.  NKT is a cutting edge brain based therapy that utilizes muscle testing to reveal what the brain is trying to protect. 

2018 Primal Movements a method to used for breath and reinforcing complex movement patterns.  The series of movement patterns learned in this class are very effective for improving balance issues and reinforcing synchronization of the muscles. Remember our brain stores patterns for muscle engagement it is important to strengthen these pathways. 

In 2019 I added a Functional Health Mentorship to my toolbox of modalities.  This class has made a significant change to my table side care.  Now more than ever I am focused on how the central nervous system, cellular safety, inflammation, breath, and organ functionality play a role in our pain cycles. 


The combination of these advanced modalities always me to accurately read what your body needs and communicate the findings so you can enhance your self care if you are interested in DIY Biohacking.


Everyday is a new day with a unique adventure.  I am always learning, always improving, always giving you my best! 

What inspires me...
*Health and quality of life
*Eliminating someone's pain cycles
*Improving their movement
*Changing the way someone feels about their body
Clients can expect to be an active participant, to learn something new about their body, to improve their movement, to have their mind blown, laugh a little, gain hope and have a self care approach to continue benefits post session until the body can hold the pattern or maintain the process.
Hearing statements like, "you helped me take back my life again" and "moving no longer hurts the way it used to" are powerful and rewarding!  
If you are looking to improving your movement and well being; think outside of the box and try Symmetry. 
"Motion is Life!"
Hippocrates, Greek Physician
460-377 BC
"Motion, specifically movement symbolizes life. We move with conscious intention,and we move in automatic response."  Grey Cook's, Movement
People in my community work hard, and they deserve great care.  Since the start I have seen a need for an alternative therapy that goes beyond palliative care and produces lasting effects.  Therapeutic options that can make a big impact on someone's life, I know my choices have made a huge impact on my life and my client's lives.
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