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What to expect....

I prefer to look at the body as a whole unit, no one system or muscle works alone.  My curious nature wants to know why is your pain reoccurring?  What happened before you noticed this issue reoccurring?  It could be an accident, it could have been a psychosomatic issue, like the loss of something meaningful to you, a health change.  My goal is to truly facilitate change in your body, not just two to three days of temporary relief.  You have to be mentally ready and open for the change to occur.  
I look at client history, meaning I ask a lot of questions. I use assessments and muscle testing where necessary.  Inflammation and stress (you would not believe how one of these feeds the other) as well as scars and adhesions also play a role in our chronic pain. 
My goal is to meet the client where they are at and working with issues I am noticing that could be improved from advanced work.  Most people do not desire living a life of chronic pain, yet they feel like there is nothing that can be done.  Our bodies are truly meant to heal themselves. You have everything you need you are just missing the knowledge.  This may seem like a bold statement but if you want to know more read through the blogs and reach out asking questions about what you are dealing with.
Talking to others about our brain, how it interprets and initiates action based on the information sent to it from our gut and our nervous system, just amazes me!  I believe I live in the most magnificent body and this shell even has Type 1 Diabetes.  My brain and your brain works hard to keep us balanced ambulating through the day, managing stress, immunity, keeping our organs going and never once do you or I have to tell our heart to beat.  That is amazing! 
Historically, I am an educator, I taught k-college for nearly two decades.  I continue to teach on a daily basis bringing change to those who enter my room. 

What issues have I assisted clients with...

  • Numbness and tingling of the hands, including carpal tunnel.
  • limitations to joint range of motion, including frozen shoulder
  • chronic headaches/neck pain
  • Back pain, bulging discs
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Muscle pain, especially when you do not think it is bad enough to get an MRI but you would like to be free from the pain.
  • unexplained early fatigue for muscles
  • Nerve impingement
  • Trigger finger
  • unexplained mobility and coordination issues
  • Inflammation, allergy and sinus issues
  • Parkinson's (Please call for more information on how this may apply to PD.)
  • c-section and other post surgical scar tissue work
  • bladder control issues, especially post pregnancy
  • concussions
  • Gut health for inflammatory purposes
  • and much more

If you want to fall in love with movement again,

you have found the right place!